Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Being The Goal

How To Get What You Want More Quickly With A Little Help From Beingness

Lester talked about going high to release because that is when we are most capable of letting go of all the limiting thoughts and feelings that keep us from having freedom. Releasing from a high place also causes us to achieve our goals more quickly.

If you already have experience using the sedona method goal process and you`re starting to see results you might like to consider making some adjustments so you can go higher to release and speed things up.

How can we quickly go high to release?

We want to leave AGFLAP behind and start releasing from CAP.

1. Go directly to Courageousness

Consider what you want and adopt the posture you`d have IF you knew you that "Yes, I can do this, I can get what I want!" Get into that feeling state, feel the courage and the sense that you can do it. This is a decision - it does not need to be complicated.

Then release from this high state on your goal until you are hootless.

If you want to go even higher read point 2 and point 3 below.

2. Go to Havingness

Havingness is more a sense of Acceptance. You feel as if you already have the goal even though you do not yet have it. Again, simply get into that emotional state and you`ll feel as if you almost have it right now. Decide to feel you already have the goal, imagine that and feel how that would feel now in this moment.

Release on your goal in the usual way until you are hootless.

Want to go even higher? Read point 3 below.

3. Go to Beingness

Beingness is a sense of oneness and a knowingness that everything is perfect as it is. You can release on a goal from Beingness. I call this being the goal. Instead of having the sense that you have the goal, imagine that you are the goal - be the goal.

Yes, this sounds odd. Test this for yourself. Imagine there is no separation between you and the goal, the goal is part of you and you are part of the goal. Again, be the goal! Start by feeling havingness and then just imagine you are the goal - not only do you own the goal, it is you. This is how you feel when you completely love someone - oneness. i.e. you have only love feelings.

Be the goal right now in this moment and release from this high place to speed up goal achievement. Release until hootless!

If you`re new to these ideas start with releasing from Courageousness. Then as you see results, move up to releasing from Havingness or Beingness. Play with these states and be childlike rather than analysing it all.

Just notice how letting go is easier and much faster from CAP. And letting go from Beingness in the present moment is very different from the experience of releasing from AGFLAP. Its like accelerated releasing!

Could it get any better?

Let Go Of Disapproval - Give Yourself Approval

I have been releasing with the sedona method or release technique since the summer of 1999. And I am still going deeper and deeper into the fundamentals. Why? Because just like the simplest meditation technique you can become more skilful and see greater success if you will commit to mastering the fundamentals. There is tremendous power and wisdom in the simplicity of the sedona method.

Last week I started averaging 2 hours a day releasing on letting go of disapproving of myself as well as giving myself approval. This is simple to do...

Could I let go of disapproving of myself? And more, and more and more...
Could I give myself approval? And more, and more, and more...

The results were surprising and even better than I expected. I started to feel happier and happier which I did expect and I was more accepting of myself and others. Then, some surprising events happened.

A friend I had not seen in 4 years contacted me very keen to meet up. We met the next day and had a great time catching up. Then, another friend I had not seen in 2 years contacted me also out of the blue. We met up the same day and had a blast. These are the kinds of happy "coincidences" that I often experience after a lot of releasing.

Another interesting result was that I started to notice when I was either disapproving or approving of whoever I am in conversation with. Then, by simply letting go of the disapproval as soon as I notice it in the moment the rapport in the interaction shifts immediately.

I also notice that the more I approve of myself the more people are drawn to me. Its like having a glow about you that causes people to want to be with you. Some people also commented that I looked great: that glow is what they are talking about.

Sedona Method Scam?

You learned the sedona method and you let go BUT you never got the success you wanted. You`re frustrated, had enough of trying to make it work and you`re online looking for the new new thing that will work and get you everything you`ve ever dreamed of.

The Truth About Making The Sedona Method Work

The issue I see all the time since 1999 in this forum is that people don`t fully understand what it takes to fully release on a goal or problem.

Here is a reference checklist to consider if you want to finally get the big results that are possible when you truly let go.

Letting Go Checklist

1. Release to completion

Keep releasing on the goal until there is nothing else to let go of. When you get to this stage nothing at all pops up when you view the goal from these different angles:

- resistance
- fear
- attachments/aversions
- agflap chart

Instead of noticing more limiting feelings, you`ll feel happy and at peace with a sense that the world is perfect as it is. Of course step 1 must be in place to facilitate this - release to release not to get something.

This takes commitment and time. How much time? That depends on the issue and how much agflap you have already let go of before facing the current issue.

I often have 5 hour releasing days to make progress on a goal. Then I give more hours to it on consecutive days to stay high on the chart of emotions so as to keep clearing out agflap.
I know people who release from the moment they wake up and all day long until the moment they go to sleep - they get the big results that are possible when you completely let go.

2. Momentum

When you invest time daily in releasing you will spend more time in the flow and its much easier to reach down and quickly let go of any agflap that pops up. When momentum is on your side: it is quick and easy to let go - as promised in the sedona method marketing materials.

The opposite is true if you only release now and then or when you happen to think of it. It is like starting a car on a cold winter morning after coming home from a two week holiday. It takes a lot of power just to warm up!

3. Havingness

When you are completely released on a goal there is a sense of having it right here and now. There is no sense of lacking, wanting or separation from the goal. It is as if you do have it even though that makes no sense to the mind.

Yet, there is no thinking and no trying to figure it out because you are at peace and feel that havingness with conviction. Just like you have that sense that you have your car key in your pocket before you put your hand in your pocket to open the door.

4. Step 6

Step 6 of the six steps is key if you want to go from dabbling to mastery of your world. When you make releasing constant you`ll see the power of letting go.

Use these points as a checklist if you are frustrated that the sedona method doesn`t work.

Could it get any better?

Sedona Method Observation Method

I have been running a lot of letting go of wanting to figure it out/wanting to think/wanting to know what to do routines lately. It is amazing the insights that pop up when you let go of wanting to know anything.

Yesterday I got an inspiration to release in a slightly different way.

The Observation Method

1. Choose an issue to release on, a goal you desire or a problem you want resolved.

2. Observe your experience of that matter. Simply notice what you are observing in terms of feelings, images and internal dialogue. Pay attention to what you are observing without wanting to change it. Just keep watching it - the more attention you give it, the more you will notice.

3. Notice what happens

Observe the experience without judgement, effort or trying to fix it. It will then let go on its own.

I am not talking about allowing the feelings to be present. I am not talking about going deeper into the feelings to explore them. All I am saying is watch them and see what happens.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sedona Method

What is The Sedona Method?
For over three decades, hundreds of thousands of people like you from around the globe, along with famous celebrities, executives at well-known corporations and more than half of the teachers in the blockbuster film, The Secret, have used The Sedona Method to eliminate suffering and create all their heart’s deepest and most worthy desires.

The Sedona Method taps your natural ability to let go of any unwanted thought or feeling on the spot. This will free you to quickly and easily have more radiant health and well being, plus break bad habits and other self-sabotaging behaviors. You will also be able to free yourself from stress, tension, panic, fear, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, procrastination, co-dependency and uncontrolled anger and grief. In short, you will enjoy living a happier, more productive, more satisfying, more loving and joyous life.

The Sedona Method is a unique, simple, powerful, easy-to-learn and duplicate technique that shows you how to uncover your natural ability to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling, belief or thought in the moment.

The Sedona Method is an amazingly quick way to let go of negative emotions, and allow the positive, happy you which is always there below the surface, to emerge and shine.
Have you noticed how easily a baby moves from one emotion to another? One minute the baby is crying because she is too hot. The next minute, after her blanket is removed, she is beaming smiles. She let her feeling of anger at being too hot float away like a cloud.
As we grow up we lose this natural facility of letting go of emotions once they have served their purpose. We may start to replay them constantly, or we may stuff them down because they are too uncomfortable to deal with. Either way we tie up lots of energy up in perpetuating old emotions.
Imagine how much better you’ll feel as you quickly let go of fear, anger, sadness, apathy, resentment or any other emotion that feels uncomfortable.

How to release your feelings

1.  Move from head to heart

Since you’ll be dealing with your feelings it makes sense to be working from the feeling area of your heart.  Allow your attention to drop from your head to your heart area. You may find it helpful to direct a few breaths to your heart area to help make this transition.

2.  Identify the feeling

Choose an issue that’s bothering you, and ask yourself:
As I consider <this issue>, what feeling is present right now?
Eg: As I consider <tomorrow’s presentation>, what feeling is present?
Answer: I feel afraid – fear.
TIP Avoid any temptation to go back into your head and start thinking… “I’m afraid I’ll dry up, and they’ll think I’m stupid, and then…”. The beauty of Sedona releasing is that you don’t need to get tied up with the complications of thoughts, you simply work with the feelings. As you release the feelings the thoughts fall away too.
TIP If it’s difficult to name the feeling, that’s OK, simply use a phrase like ‘this uncomfortable feeling’.

3.  Welcome the feeling

The next step is to welcome the feeling as best you can. Ask yourself:
Could I welcome this feeling?
In a gentle way, allow the feeling to be as fully present as possible.
Notice what it feels like. For example you might feel anger as tension in your chest, or sadness as tightness in your throat. Or you may have more of an energetic sensation of constriction. Or you may not sense anything – that’s fine.
Sometimes the feeling releases after this step along!
TIP If it feels too scary to welcome the feeling fully, simply allow yourself to be in touch with the feeling as much as you can right now. If this is just the edge of, say, a strong anger, that’s fine.

4.  Ask yourself three questions

Now you’re ready to ask yourself the three questions at the heart of the Sedona Method.
  • For all the questions, answer from your heart. This means trusting yourself to go with your ‘gut response ’.
  • For the first two questions, answer with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
  1. Could I let this <fear> go?
  2. Would I let it go?
  3. When?
TIP If your answer to questions 1. or 2. is a ‘No’, that’s fine. You may have released the feeling anyway; if not you can ask the questions again.
TIP If your thoughts start to intrude with explanations why you can’t let go, simply take your attention back to your heart area, and focus on your feelings.

4.  Repeat as needed

Letting go of emotions is like unpeeling the layers of an onion.Sometimes the feeling goes quickly; other times you need to repeat steps 3. and 4. a number of times.
The good news is that once the feeling is gone, it’s gone forever! Any more fear surfacing around public speaking is anther aspect of the fear, which I can release in the same way.
The Delicious Nugget: With Sedona Releasing, letting go of emotions around an issue is surprisingly quick and easy.  Simply: move into your heart area, identify the emotion present, welcome the feeling, then ask: Could I let it go?, Would I let it go?, When?

A Message from Hale Dwoskin:
The Sedona Method can allow you to effortlessly release limiting thoughts and feelings that have plagued you for years–even the very first time you use the program...28 years ago I learned the Sedona Method from my friend Lester Levenson and my life has been forever changed. I have found success in every area of my life, and I know that you will too.
What makes the Sedona Method a powerful tool (that really works!) is that it is a process you can use anytime, anyplace, to improve any area of your life.
This sounds sensational because it is, but these aren't just my claims. There are thousands of testimonials on file from people just like you and me who have achieved every goal imaginable using the Sedona Method.
Including goals like these:
  • Dramatically improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health...
  • Help you create real and constant happiness in your life, regardless of your past or present circumstances...
  • Help you to open to having truly loving and healthy relationships...
  • Improve your creativity, emotional intelligence, and mental functioning...
  • Significantly improve your overall sense of well-being and inner peace...
  • Help you create your own success in the world, along with the personal satisfaction and sense of fulfillment that comes with being successful.